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    However, we must not lose sign of the fact that to digitize ideas, there first must be ideas. Consequently, creativity and imagination -- or whatever stimulates them -- must stop being the privileges of a precious few and become important parts of values that need to be promoted in every order of life -- not just in education.
    Llorenç Valverde: Rites, Rituals, and the Passage of Time: Change in a Technological Age, in On The Internet, September/October 1998

  3. Una referència d'aquest mateix escrit en una pàgina web dedicada a relevant papers sobre els paral·lelismes entre la impremta i Internet:

    This article is put under education for its discussion of the future of education, though it also ranges more broadly.
    Valverde's draws as parallels between the printing press and the Internet excess information, isolation and lack of presence. He suggests that the education system, spawned in its current form by the printing press, must change.
    He worries that the current system prepares students for an industrial society and that it needs to prepare students for a world dominated by ideas - prepare them to exercise their imagination and creativity.
    He sees the information age as a new Rennaissance.



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